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Bet with your head not just your heart if you want to make money

We are all guilty of betting on our own team but don’t miss the opportunity to hedge your bet  ín play`if you are watching and are not that confident of victory.
If you bet on a number of fixtures like I do and also bet in play then you have to face facts or statistics and bet with your head not your heart.
Example. I am no Man Utd fan but in the last couple of seasons they have bounced back from losing 0-2 at half time and won. Something like 10/1 at half time. That was the odds against Blackpool ( 2011/2012).. I don’t like Man Utd winning but it sure softened the blow.
I bet every week on Arsenal losing at Half time winning Full time. Its normally 25/1 to 30/1  ( 44/1 against Barcelona 2011) so it doesn’t need to come in very often to see you in profit.
Why not check out your teams statistics going back to see how your side fares over a season.
So now you know I´m a Gooner but hopefully a fair one who can give a balanced view. I mean if Garry Neville can be impartial on Sky so can I
Have your say.
If you have something to comment maybe about your team and your bets then let us know and we can put your name up in lights. Please no slagging other teams on this site . Its about betting not beating.