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Can Spurs beat Man Utd at Old Trafford and time to buy French?

I can`t remember when it last happened that Spurs won at Old Trafford, although I do remember ( as a Gooner) Spurs losing on the last day when a draw would have given Arsenal the title.
Anyway no doubt that they have a chance and attacking Man Utd has to be their best bet in what is one of the two highlight games this weekend.
Arsenal v Chelsea is the other and as a Gooner I am pleased that the Drog is no longer around. He bullied the Arsenal defence for years, but maybe even he would struggle against the new Bould coached defence. That said Arsenal will not be so secure with Mannone in goal…Great shot stopper but flaps at crosses and is knocked off the ball too easily.
There is nothing much that captures the eye as a shrewd bet so I might just go for the home wins in the televised games..
Saturday  12.45  Arsenal v Chelsea
                17.30  Man Utd v Spurs
Sunday    16.00  A. Villa v West Brom
Monday  20.00  QPR    v  West Ham
For the adventurous I think that Liverpool might get a well deserved victory at last away at Norwich and Man City a win over Fulham despite it being at fortress Craven Cottage.. Spurs and Chelsea  fans might fancy adding their own teams for a nice away treble if it came off.
Last weeks treble on 3 or more goals blew out as both Arsenal and Man City failed to take chances……Arsenal fans are thinking if only RVP was there things might be different and possibly Man City fans too.
In case you don’t follow the financial news, France has just announced its new budget where income tax goes up to 75% for income over €1 million, which takes in most of the Ligue 1 players in France I suspect.There could be a good few looking for a transfer on that basis……… Such a pity for poor Joey Barton, if he even realises…. tee hee

Weekend Football

Another narrow miss on my mid week champions league bets as Chelsea and Man City slipped up in the last 10 minutes.
This weekend sees some heavyweight matches on Sunday TV.. Liverpool v Man Utd, Man city v Arsenal… All of them had tough mid week games although Liverpool fielded a very young side.
Needless to say they will be up for the challenge of Man Utd whatever their form or league position the fixture is their biggest of the year. Man City had good and bad spells against Real Madrid while Arsenal had a very poor 2nd half against Montpelier but hung on for victory.
I wont have a bet this weekend on the TV games ( Swansea v Everton Saturday also) but if I did it would be draws all-round again..That’s with my head. My heart says Liverpool and Arsenal wins and still a draw at Swansea.
No i think the bet pickings could be easier in other fixtures.
Chelsea v Stoke.. Should go with Chelsea but a hard mid week game and Stoke the draw specialists would leave me pondering………. Maybe Stoke scrape a draw
Southampton v Aston Villa…For a neutral we hope Southampton get their first points at last…………..Draw
West Brom v Reading….Reading looked off the pace against Spurs but it was their first game for over 3 weeks……….Still I favour a Home win here
West Ham v Sunderland… Have to go with the scoreless draw here unfortunately
Wigan  v Fulham… Fulham’s bad away form to continue especially if Wigan play as they did first half against Man U last week………….Home win
Spurs v QPR…. Despite a tough game midweek you have to fancy  Spurs………….Home win
Newcastle v Norwich.. Like Spurs a mid week game but several players rested……..Home win
Bets.. Well nothing inspirational but  a treble  Wigan, Spurs and Newcastle seems safest.

Champions League

The Champions League proper is upon us again and all British sides will be hoping to get off to a good start. Manchester City have the biggest challenge away to Real Madrid but face them as all is not well at the Berabeu stadium. After almost claiming a Yankee at the weekend I am going for another one with all four English sides winning.
I missed the chance of betting on lots of goals at the Emirates on Saturday but fancy a few may go in tonight against Montpellier at the La Mosson stadium. I am never happy with Mannone in goal, just a bad mistake away from a complete mare to my mind. Lets hope Steve Bould’s new defensive coaching keeps the gunners on track. He’s also in charge touch side tonight as Wenger sits out the first of his 3 match ban.
Celtics up hill battle starts but a win tonight could lift their confidence for future games. Anything but that tonight and I cant see them making any progress.
Elsewhere the biggest nailed on win looks like my local side, Barcelona who face Spartak Moscow. Manchester Utd should win easily but recent European home form has been a worry. However Sir Alex will not tolerate a repeat of last years early exit so they should be at it from the start.

Bet with your head not just your heart if you want to make money

We are all guilty of betting on our own team but don’t miss the opportunity to hedge your bet  ín play`if you are watching and are not that confident of victory.
If you bet on a number of fixtures like I do and also bet in play then you have to face facts or statistics and bet with your head not your heart.
Example. I am no Man Utd fan but in the last couple of seasons they have bounced back from losing 0-2 at half time and won. Something like 10/1 at half time. That was the odds against Blackpool ( 2011/2012).. I don’t like Man Utd winning but it sure softened the blow.
I bet every week on Arsenal losing at Half time winning Full time. Its normally 25/1 to 30/1  ( 44/1 against Barcelona 2011) so it doesn’t need to come in very often to see you in profit.
Why not check out your teams statistics going back to see how your side fares over a season.
So now you know I´m a Gooner but hopefully a fair one who can give a balanced view. I mean if Garry Neville can be impartial on Sky so can I
Have your say.
If you have something to comment maybe about your team and your bets then let us know and we can put your name up in lights. Please no slagging other teams on this site . Its about betting not beating.

This weekends Premiership TV Soccer

Sat. 12.45  SKY            Norwich v West Ham
Sat 17.30 ESPN           Sunderland v Liverpool
Sun 16.00 SKY             Reading  v Spurs
Mon 20.00 SKY           Everton v Newcastle
Always a strange one after the International break favouring sides who don’t have so many internationals
I fancy a Yankee (A multiple bet consisting of 11 bets (6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 4-fold) on 4 selections in different events.) on Draws in each game… Spurs is my doubt as AVP will be desperate for a win and it cant be far away although his players will be coming back from all over the world.
Finally a heartfelt relief that Liverpool fans have finally received  some justice over the Hillsborough disaster..In those days we all had times when crowds got a little scary with the terraces often dangerous for youngsters. It was a tragedy that I  will always remember and its shameful its taken this long to hear the truth. For all those who carried on fighting for justice our total respect and admiration.